July 24, 2012

SO SORRY!!! I’ve been out of the loop for too long!

I know it has been a long time that I have neglected this blog, but my life has been very hectic. Problems w/ my office, sold my business, found another job, my Dad became ill and now I am a caregiver (25 miles from my home with no internet connectivity there – yet). In spite of that I have decided to try to renew my activity in this blog. I STILL believe that there is a need for decreased use of salt in foods. 

Yes, I am still cooking salt free (OK,sometimes I use a tiny amount of salt since most beans taste horrible without a little salt), severely reduced fat and very little sugar. I have not had time to develop more recipes, at least not at the level of being able to put them out for others to try. There are lots of “experiments” in the works, some quite tasty, others needing more work.

I have noticed during the past 6 months that there are more and more products whose labels state “no salt added” or “reduced sodium.” I recently found canned beans (black beans and cannelli beans) that had extremely low sodium – 10 mg to 25 mg / 1/2 cup. That is encouraging. However there is still the problem of added fat or sugar to make up the difference. I keep asking my grocer to stock more low sodium items.

The most difficult item to find easily is sodium free bouillon. SaveMart carries beef bouillon, 8 envelopes to a small box (Herb Oxb brand) for nearly $2 but I have not found it at smaller stores, nor at Winco, Von’s, or Costco.  Chicken bouillon is not available in any stores in small amounts but it is available from Smart & Final in a 2″ x 2″ x 8″ box of 50 packets (Hormel brand, tastes fairly good but far from excellent, good for use with other seasonings) for aboiut $8. There was a brand of extremely low sodium beef bouillon available on the web, but the company has stopped making it. : ( .     I have tried other sodium free bouillons available online but have not found any really good ones. I will continue my search.

Well, back to duty as a caregiver – no internet for a while again. I only have one Dad and it is now my turn to care for him and I do it gladly.   : )  Mary Ann

July 15, 2010




I managed to refine another recipe this evening but it makes a whole lot of food!  For us that is good, as we DO like left-overs.  Makes for tasty lunches and dinners that are quick and easy!  The “new” recipe is one that I had created a number of months ago but had not made in a while, CURRIED RICE with SQUASH and TOFU.  This evening I re-did the nutritional analysis as well a took pictures and we finally ate dinner.  Tomorrow will be an easy meal prep day!  WOHOO!  LEFT-OVERS!  YEAAAA!

July 14, 2010




I finally finished the page on Moroccan Stew –  it includes the primary recipe, done with TVP, and 2 variations, one that is just veggies, no added protein, and the other with chicken in place of the TVP.   I have completed the nutritional analysis and the profile looks pretty good! The direct link for the recipe is https://cookingtobeattrifecta.wordpress.com/moroccan-stew/. Just have to add the rice or grain to be served with the stew. There are a couple of pics and near the bottom of the recipe page are some pointers about hidden salt in raw chicken with a link to an article about that.

Tomorrow I will start a new recipe – not sure which one yet.  That will depend on me having all the right stuff on hand for whatever I decide to make!  An adventure in the making!  Maybe an ALL NEW RECIPE!

July 11, 2010




Well, that was a marathon – I fixed Moroccan Stew tonight but the process that usually takes me a little over an hour took close to 3 hours. First, I had to cook the garbanzo beans (in the pressure cooker) but that was only the beginning. I was not only the chef, sous-chef, and clean-up person, but I was the photographer, too! Each step of the way taking pics of all the stuff. That just takes LOTS of time. Anyway, I think I got lots of good pics to choose from and I verified the amounts in the recipe to be sure they are correct. Dinner was yummy! Worth the wait.



Turns out that the “serving amounts” (1 cup of each of the cooked grain and one cup of the Moroccan Stew) is a large serving for my farmer-husband but I was satisfied with 1/2 cup of each. That reduces the calories, fat, salt by 50% for my serving size. Nice. Will post the MOROCCAN STEW to the recipe list in a day or 2. I have to enter it in the blog, double check the nutritional analysis and get the pics sorted and edited. Also have to go to work in the AM so can’t do more tonight or tomorrow. We will all have to wait, and I am VERY anxious to have this one on the list as it is VERY GOOD!

July 7, 2010


Well, I have so many recipes, all that are low salt-fat-sugar, that I have developed, some from “scratch” and others that have been modified from other sources but it takes time to put them in here.  I have them in my computer but they take a while to type into the correct format in the blog, edit, correct errors, and actually cook them again so I can take pictures to post.  I also have to enter them into the nutritional analysis site so that I can give you the nutrition values –  well it all takes time, and I am still a working woman!

Hang in there with me and it will all come together!  I am also trying to learn this blogging thing.  Don’t know how to do lots of stuff but it is coming!

I spent a couple of hours going to a thrift store a couple of days ago to buy odd plates and dishes so that I could use them for the pics of food!  We’ll see how that works out.  The pics of Biriyani were on one of the thrift store plates.  My own china is in the pics of Burgundy “Beef.”

Tonight I am going to try to prepare another recipe and do pics.  Maybe I’ll even get it on a page in my blog!  Don’t know yet which recipe – maybe turkey meat loaf.  I may have to add the nutritional values later.  Dinner may be very late tonight!

July 5, 2010


I have been working at this blog for a while.  It takes time to organize the material and get it to a point where it makes sense and has enough info for folks to benefit.  I know it is no where near having all the stuff I want to include but it is a start.  Guess I will finally make it available to search engines in the next week so we’ll see what happens.  I think that if folks start to make comments it will help me to focus on what is needed in this area.

Please give me some feed-back –  I need to know just how much help this is and what would make it better.

Thanks!  Mary Ann

June 27, 2010


My husband just brought to my attention a recent news article that was talking about some people who have hypersensitive taste buds.  It seems that they can taste more things in foods than most other people.  The theory (and studies confirm) that they can taste more bitterness and other undesirable flavors than most people and therefore like to add salt to things to mask the bad flavors!  The suggestion is that for those folks who are Supertasters it will be difficult for them to use less salt – less masking of the flavors they don’t like.  Soooooooo. . . . .  the article suggested that they use other seasonings!  HUH! Imagine that!  I WONDER where I have heard THAT before!   maybe . . . . .  COOKING TO BEAT TRIFECTA ?!?!?!?  They basically suggested that use of more seasonings, and specifically mentioned chili along w/ some other spices.

For more info on Supertasters check it out on http://news.health.com/2010/06/16/salt-supertasters/.  Also on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supertasters.