There are many  points I need to make about the “COOKING TO BEAT TRIFECTA”  techniques. The section on “INGREDIENTS” covers the food products, usual as well as unusual, and where to get them.  This section will include more “HOW TO” topics.  COOKING TECHNIQUES will cover things you probably already know, but better to tell you than have you say “WHAT?!!??”    TOOLS will let you know what I have found useful but not necessarily mandatory.  You probably already have your favorite pans and knives.  The section on MODIFICATIONS will enable you to take an old favorite recipe or one that you just found that sounds extremely good and successfully “TRIFECTIZE” it.

A page addressing the HOW TO of recipe ANALYSIS is included so that you can determine the nutritional information of your TRIFECTIZED recipes  (a free site!).

I have also put in a page for my SOURCES & RESOURCES in this section – SOURCES being for some of the food items and tools (if you find other sources, please share them with me) and RESOURCES for information (articles, books, info websites).

You may access these areas by clicking on the drop-down menu under this section or simply by clicking on the links in the text.  Please be patient with me as I am just starting this blog and will be adding information as I go along. If you click on the subheading and when you get there the page is blank is it because it is still “under construction” – as a friend of ours (Rubens) said many years ago, “Things take longer than they do.”   AH,  sooooo true!


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