onions in black pan

Sauteing onions in my Analon pan

ONION PREPARATION –  For most of my recipes I have the onions pre-cooked, that is, sauteed prior to adding to or being added to other ingredients in the recipe.  I have found that sauteing them to a nice brown color or even a darker brown color, a technique known as “caramelizing,”  adds a great deal of flavor to the food.

Caramelized onions

Caramelized onions

So here is a picture of my caramelized onions on the way to becoming a part of Burgundy “SoSoya” Beef.   The darker they are browned the more flavor they impart.  The flavor changes the onions become darker and will change the overall recipe flavor as well, so you will have to test it out – try sauteing them deeply brown (mahogany) or as I have done, a light walnut color. As you experiment and prepare different foods you will decide just what level of caramelizing you prefer for your onions.  This may vary with the recipe you are using.

It takes a little time to do this, about 15 minutes over a medium high heat, stirring frequently.  Once I have the onions in the pan I start measuring the other ingredients.  Usually there is a list of spices that need to be added, all at the same time, so I just measure them out, put them in a custard cup or small bowl and when it is time to add them they are already measured.  I also use the “caramelizing time” to prepare any veggies that will be added, i.e., wash and slice zucchini, mushrooms, or whatever else is in the recipe.  If all that is done you can start the carbohydrate (bulghur, rice, potatoes, etc.) that will be served with the meal.  Or you can do some clean-up as you go – that is always useful.


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More to come later.


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