1. – This is a free website which helps you check out the nutritional values of one whole heck of a lot of foods!  It uses the government database for food values but beyond that it allows you to enter your own foods, in case they are not listed in the database.  For instance, TVP is not in the database but all TVP products have a required nutritional value listing on their label.  Using that information you can enter that item, say TVP,  into a section of called “YOUR FOODS” (an extension of the government data base) that you have created.  You may then use any foods in “YOUR FOODS” or in the government database of foods to enter into recipes that can then be analyzed.  That is how I found the nutritional values in the recipes that I have listed.  You may copy the nutritional labels to be printed but you cannot use them on the internet (sorry, I couldn’t include the actual nutritional labels in my recipes).  This site has been invaluable for me in my quest for TRIFECTA reduction.  It will help you, too, when you begin to create or modify recipes of your own.

2. –  “So-Soya Inc.” This is one place to find TVP in many forms.  This company has been very reliable and will ship orders for free if you meet a $40.oo minimum.  Their So-Soya is sodium free but not all of their other products are sodium free.  The “crunchers” are soy nuts, and come in salted and unsalted.  A pretty good, crunchy snack!

3. –  This is a wonderful source for MANY sodium free and sodium reduced products.  They even have perishable foods which they pack in insulated bags with ice packs for shipping.  I have found the woman who runs this company VERY honest and helpful.  This is a good source for low sodium and no sodium beef bouillon which I have difficulty finding at a decent price in the local markets, if I can find it at all!  She also has a product called “Sweet Brown Crystals” which are a sugar alcohol flavored to taste like brown sugar (the only place I have found it).  It is pricy but WOW, does it help w/ reduction of sugar in recipes, ESPECIALLY THE DESSERT RECIPES!  I have used their “Egg Replacer” which is an egg-free product that you can use to replace eggs in a recipe (not for use as scrambled eggs!) and it works very nicely!




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