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July 24, 2012

SO SORRY!!! I’ve been out of the loop for too long!

I know it has been a long time that I have neglected this blog, but my life has been very hectic. Problems w/ my office, sold my business, found another job, my Dad became ill and now I am a caregiver (25 miles from my home with no internet connectivity there – yet). In spite of that I have decided to try to renew my activity in this blog. I STILL believe that there is a need for decreased use of salt in foods. 

Yes, I am still cooking salt free (OK,sometimes I use a tiny amount of salt since most beans taste horrible without a little salt), severely reduced fat and very little sugar. I have not had time to develop more recipes, at least not at the level of being able to put them out for others to try. There are lots of “experiments” in the works, some quite tasty, others needing more work.

I have noticed during the past 6 months that there are more and more products whose labels state “no salt added” or “reduced sodium.” I recently found canned beans (black beans and cannelli beans) that had extremely low sodium – 10 mg to 25 mg / 1/2 cup. That is encouraging. However there is still the problem of added fat or sugar to make up the difference. I keep asking my grocer to stock more low sodium items.

The most difficult item to find easily is sodium free bouillon. SaveMart carries beef bouillon, 8 envelopes to a small box (Herb Oxb brand) for nearly $2 but I have not found it at smaller stores, nor at Winco, Von’s, or Costco.  Chicken bouillon is not available in any stores in small amounts but it is available from Smart & Final in a 2″ x 2″ x 8″ box of 50 packets (Hormel brand, tastes fairly good but far from excellent, good for use with other seasonings) for aboiut $8. There was a brand of extremely low sodium beef bouillon available on the web, but the company has stopped making it. : ( .     I have tried other sodium free bouillons available online but have not found any really good ones. I will continue my search.

Well, back to duty as a caregiver – no internet for a while again. I only have one Dad and it is now my turn to care for him and I do it gladly.   : )  Mary Ann