Well, I have so many recipes, all that are low salt-fat-sugar, that I have developed, some from “scratch” and others that have been modified from other sources but it takes time to put them in here.  I have them in my computer but they take a while to type into the correct format in the blog, edit, correct errors, and actually cook them again so I can take pictures to post.  I also have to enter them into the nutritional analysis site so that I can give you the nutrition values –  well it all takes time, and I am still a working woman!

Hang in there with me and it will all come together!  I am also trying to learn this blogging thing.  Don’t know how to do lots of stuff but it is coming!

I spent a couple of hours going to a thrift store a couple of days ago to buy odd plates and dishes so that I could use them for the pics of food!  We’ll see how that works out.  The pics of Biriyani were on one of the thrift store plates.  My own china is in the pics of Burgundy “Beef.”

Tonight I am going to try to prepare another recipe and do pics.  Maybe I’ll even get it on a page in my blog!  Don’t know yet which recipe – maybe turkey meat loaf.  I may have to add the nutritional values later.  Dinner may be very late tonight!


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