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June 27, 2010


My husband just brought to my attention a recent news article that was talking about some people who have hypersensitive taste buds.  It seems that they can taste more things in foods than most other people.  The theory (and studies confirm) that they can taste more bitterness and other undesirable flavors than most people and therefore like to add salt to things to mask the bad flavors!  The suggestion is that for those folks who are Supertasters it will be difficult for them to use less salt – less masking of the flavors they don’t like.  Soooooooo. . . . .  the article suggested that they use other seasonings!  HUH! Imagine that!  I WONDER where I have heard THAT before!   maybe . . . . .  COOKING TO BEAT TRIFECTA ?!?!?!?  They basically suggested that use of more seasonings, and specifically mentioned chili along w/ some other spices.

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