WELCOME ! ! ! 

HI!   I’m Mary Ann and I want to welcome you to my blog and invite you to join me in my quest for a healthier diet while still enjoying the flavors of foods!

Eating salt free takes some extra work.  And reducing salt, fat AND sugar can be very difficult!  I can help you find recipes, some easy, and ingredients (and some prepared foods) that are low in salt-fat-sugar – low in all 3 at once!

Come along and I will be happy to share my discoveries with you!  I am always open to suggestions, solutions, corrections and of course, new ideas.

Thanks for looking in and participating!                Mary Ann

PS – The picture at the top of the blog is one I took of my veggies sauteing just before adding the marinara sauce.  It was a yummy dinner!  Recipe to be posted soon under the recipe section (Marinara Pasta Primavera w/ TVP).


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